A Classical and Modern History of Algebra

This algebra survey class with Dr. Hodel was quite fun. Though challenging at times, the way Dr. Hodel mixed in the development of Algebra through the ages and was never afraid to veer off on a tangent we showed interest in was truly wonderful. By placing the history side by side with the material we were able to gain new perspectives on more abstract and challenging areas. It is my hope that going forward as a teacher I will be able to always to put the material being presented in context; thereby leading to greater understanding and retention for my students.

Number Theory

Though the Number Theory course with Dr. Pardon was very challenging I did enjoy it for the most part. I really liked the freedom he gave us at the end of the class when it came to our required papers and presentations. Dr. Pardon throughout the course had always slipped in historical references and long road perspectives. As such he allowed me to diverge from my topic of large number multiplication algorithms in modern computing and instead show the class how multiplication techniques had progressed through the ages; starting with primitive abacus style mechanical tools up to (nearly) modern day slide rules. It made for a fun presentation that showed the class how far we had truly come just in the last 30 years. It is my hope that this perspective will help them as they go forward in their math studies.

A Survey of Classical and Modern Geometries

In this survey of classical and modern geometries, we spanned the history of geometry from Euclidean to Hyperbolic.  Dr. Bray taught the class in a relaxed manner, often figuring out problems and proofs on the spot with the class.  By doing this he was able to show his thought process and how he approached problems, which I found to be very beneficial.  As  a math teacher I spend quite a bit of time trying to break students free of being overwhelmed by problems and immediately wondering, “what do I put in my calculator?”  Dr. Bray essentially used the same approach, instead of being overwhelmed, he showed us how to reason our way through and around obstacles that seemed untenable at first glance.


Summer 2010
MAT 302 Educating Adolescents A+
MAT 303 Effective Teaching Strategies A-
Fall 2010
EDU 214 Technology, Society, and Schools Audit
MAT 341 Internship/Reflective Teaching Practices B+
MAT 343 Teaching Diverse Learners B
MATH 123S Geometry B-
Spring 2011
MAT 342 Internship and Content Methodology
MAT 344 Teaching Diverse Learners
MATH 128S Number Theory
MATH 298 History of Algebra