Vm-Series Enterprise License Agreement

If you use your own licenses, you grant VM Series firewalls as a traditional appliance, and you must use a license code. After applying the code to the device, the device registers on the Palo Alto Networks support portal and receives information about its capacity and subscriptions. Subscription licenses include threat prevention, PAN-DB URL filtering, AutoFocus™, GlobalProtect and WildFire. The Palo Alto Networks VM range is supported exclusively by Palo Alto Network. A specific license must be purchased by Palo Alto Networks or partners. Palo Alto Networks is responsible for the function and image performance of the Palo Alto Networks VM range itself. You can bring your own VM ELA (Bring Your Own License): License you purchase from a partner, reseller or directly from Palo Alto Networks. The VM Series firewalls support all BYOL capacity, support and subscription licenses. To obtain the license via OCB, please use the “Contact” button. To speed up the implementation of the firewall, the VM-Series Enterprise Licensing Agreement (ELA) offers a fixed-price licensing option that allows unlimited VM series firewalls to be made available with BYOL.

Palo Alto Networks offers licenses in one- and three-year no-real-up futures at the end of the life. Control your applications and data and protect against known and unknown threats. The result is an unprecedented level of security for critical deployments in the cloud. The VM series can now be configured in high-availability mode for increased resistance (Paris region only) Experts specializing in next-generation firewalls, including the Palo Alto Networks VM series, and public cloud environments help you install the VM Series firewall in your flexible engine environment and assist you in setting the protection functions for your applications and data. Now, including high availability functions for greater resistance (Paris region only). Discover validated applications on our Cloud Public Solution IaaS vendors are responsible for the security and availability of the IaaS vendors are responsible for the security and availability of their infrastructure, organizations are always responsible for the security of applications and data. This reference architecture describes how an organization can use the Palo Alto Networks series firewalls® of the VM series under PAN-OS to provide transparency, control and protection for your applications built into the Orange flexible engine. This service is based on the standardized ITIL framework and is flexible enough to meet your specific needs. When we receive your contact form, we will arrange to chat with you. These services are provided by remotely accessing your environment by phone, email and screen. The following document contains architectural guides for solution architects and engineers who know the next-generation firewall, but not the Orange flexible engine.

He combines the technical aspects of the Orange FE and Palo Alto Networks solution before studying the technical design models of architecture.