Yooralla Service Agreement

The insurance style model will give people with disabilities and their families control over the care and support they need. This in turn will create a huge new market for disability services, which will require a more skilled disability workforce. Since the expiry of the agreement, Yooralla`s management has delayed and rejected negotiations beyond the minimum premium. It is time for Yooralla`s management to offer a fair offer. In the absence of reasonable wages and conditions, Yooralla struggles to attract and retain highly skilled and experienced people with disabilities. This means that service delivery will suffer. The current Yooralla agreement expired in 2009 and was last negotiated in 2006. This means that the conditions described in this agreement are now 10 years old and that wages are the minimum increase. MEMBERS of HACSU in Yooralla stood up and asked Yooralla to negotiate a fair deal. This agreement applies to members working in Yooralla housing and to individual support services. An Enterprise Agreement (EBA) is a legally binding agreement between managers and workers, negotiated by union members. Yooralla`s free guide to implementing your NDIS plan contains information on service agreements and all the important steps in implementing your NDIS plan; and how Yooralla can help you with our high quality and flexible services. On the next two pages, you will find a detailed list of our requirements to create a better standard of living and a better level of care as we enter a new era of disability services in Australia.

Download this note here as a PDF to print and put on your work ad. Yooralla`s management has informed HACSU that it is suspending negotiations on DSW EBA and will ask staff to vote on a new agreement in the near future. HACSU members are fighting for a better EBA Following the agreement proposed last May, HACSU members identified a number of important concerns. Thanks to the strong and ongoing campaign of HACSU members, we have managed to achieve a number of improvements, including: disoriented by the inclusion of your NDIS plan or by the NDIS in general? Yooralla Connect helps you on your NDIS journey, no matter what your phase, with free individual calls. Contact ndis.infohub@yooralla.com.au or 9666 4500. Conditions of employment that promote quality care for residents. However, these benefits have only begun the process of giving dignity to some of Australia`s lowest paid workers. Much remains to be done to ensure that our wages are fair and appropriate for the professional work we do.