Apex Sonographers Collective Agreement

“They don`t pay as much as the private sector, but they have adapted them so well that they have been competitive and have held up their agreements and commitment problems fairly well.” “This is good for the health sector. We had to adjust these salary rates to keep sonographs to provide services to patients. Our only regret is that this type of labour crisis has become a labour dispute. “This has allowed the proposed collective agreement to make progress in launching a formal process of resolution and implementation.” It is a process managed by the Labour Relations Authority, which aims to help the parties overcome serious difficulties in collective bargaining. APEX asked for relief earlier this week. The DHB are still deciding whether to oppose our request for facilitation. Waikato sonographers working in public health will no longer be the lowest paid people in their sector. Deborah Powell, Secretary of State at APEX, said she was pleased that the agreement had been reached. More than 90% of the sonographs of the three DHB will go on strike, with more disruption. Strike action includes overtime bans and bans on ultrasounds for all family doctor transfers and clinics. This will be the first strike of its kind in the health sector. Powell said the industry had lost 30 public sector sonographers in the past 15 months.

There were 70-80 south of Auckland when there were to be about 150. Waikato DHB- Communications Program Manager Kathryn Jenkins said the union had not previously specified how the agreement should enter into force, but recent discussions have clarified this point. A sonographer is a specialist in the use of ultrasound. . Corner Arawa Street and Pukeroa Road, Rotorua, New Zealand You must also be able to see, analyze and modify the scan in order to optimize the information generated. “A major staff crisis is brewing, but from day one, DHBs have taken a tenacious approach that needs to be negotiated instead of working with us to reach an agreement. We had no choice but to take this drastic step and ask for easier negotiations.¬†They have a postgraduate ultrasound qualification, which can be completed in New Zealand by the Australasian Society of Ultrasound in Medicine (ASUM), and obtain the Medical Ultrasound Diploma (DMU) or UNITEC. .

A multi-employer collective agreement (MECA) out of the 16 DHBs agreed this week on a 15 percent pay increase.